Friday, September 10, 2010

Hi, to all my friends and well wishers that want to know how to boost their academic opportunities:

I'm going to be speaking at Fame International School for Performing Arts next week, to let you guys know the inside scoop of how to get ahead in high school, use your teachers and guidance counselors to shape your college selections and enhance acceptance. Also, workshops will be available about Financial Aid and Scholarships, How to ACE the SAT, ACT entrance exams, Resources for Gifted and Alternative Education, and last but not least---College Admissions Director will speak on what it takes to be successful in a competitive environment. All of this information will be available to you and your families for a low price of $25.00. But wait, there's more, the first responders can get complimentary access by calling 804.640.5475 and asking about the Take Control of Your Education School Success Expo! Don't delay, this is an event you DO NOT WANT TO MISS! Call today!

Maria Warith
Founder of CHESS Foundation

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